Don’t forget the babes!

As you know by now, we are big advocates of the organic and eco-friendly lifestyle – natural skincare products, natural and organic linens, clothing, and most importantly, our own organic bedding and mattresses. It’s our goal to fit the needs of you and your loved ones – we try to have a little something for everyone. If you’ve been in our beautiful Berkeley location on Fourth street, you may have also seen that we host a large amount of products specifically for the babies! Our baby section has become quite expansive over the years, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Beyond carrying our own Earthsake bedding products for the little ones (cribs, pillows, wool pads, crib bumpers, mattress protectors, etc.), we carefully select children’s products that are natural and organic, or local to the Bay Area.

We have organic and eco-friendly blankets, swaddles, organic clothing, teethers and greenware (no more worrying about what your child is putting in its’ mouth!), and greentoys, that the kids love playing while they’re in the shop. If you’re needing a little something for your own child, a niece or nephew, grandchild, our baby products make wonderful and thoughtful gifts!



Organic cotton baby clothing made my Origany.



View of our baby section – stop by and let the little ones play!

Rose Gilley Jewelry!

At Earthsake, we’re very picky about the jewelry we chose to represent in our store. Each artist that we carry has a unique and individualistic style from the last – usually handcrafted pieces, and local to the Bay Area. We’re proud to start carrying a new line of jewelry from Rose Gilley, a designer from Sacramento. Each piece of Gilley’s designs are handcrafted, made from semi-precious and precious gemstones. Delicate and simple, they are versatile enough for everyday wear, or an evening of fun! Earthsake has brought in select pieces, most notable, various stackable rings. Made with a fine silver band, some have different colored gemstones, hooked with a 14kt gold filled wiring. These stackable rings are perfect for mixing and matching, and can fit on virtually any part of the finger (the base, below or above the knuckle, or both!). Great as little gifts for someone, or little treats for yourself!

Staff pick: Legna luxury towels <3

As we all know from out spotlight in April, the Legna Italian linens from SDH are heavenly (and in case you missed it, there is a link at the bottom for more info). Did you know that other than bedding, SDH also makes towels and other bath accessories as apart of their Legna collection? Amazing, we know! We had a chance to chat with our buyer Wendi, who has a set of the Legna towels and is absolutely bananas for them.

Why do you love the Legna bath towels?

Wendi Goad: They are so silky, smooth, and super absorbent. The Legna towels very lightly exfoliate as well, so I feel fresh and clean after using them.

Do you have a full set?

Wendi: Yes! I started with just a bath towel and some wash cloths in the shark (a rich gray), and just recently bought more wash cloths and hand towels.

What do you like best about them?

Wendi: I like using the wash cloths on my face because they’re so soft and you can’t see the make-up I’m taking off on them!

That’s great! Do they wash well, compared to other towels?

Wendi: Very. I’ve had many of the towels that we carry, and none of them compare quite like the Legna towel. They get super soft with every wash, they hold up really well, and the colors are fantastic. 


The Legna towels come in several different color ways, making it easy to match any bathroom space! We have a few in stock at our Berkeley location so you can experience the color, shine, and texture for yourself.  We also have a few washed samples of the towels, so you can see what it will feel and look like once the material has gone through proper washing. More info on Legna and SDH linens here:

Staff pick: the Yala Nina Robe!

Another staff pick! We asked Ricci what her favorite Earthsake product is, and though it took her two full days to finally narrow it down, she settled on Yala’s very soft and comfy bamboo Nina Robe.

What is your favorite Earthsake product?

Ricci: It was very hard for me to pick just one… but I’ll go with the Nina Robe by Yala. It’s super soft, has pockets, and the rope is attached so I never lose it. 

Do you own the Nina Robe? Why? 

Ricci: Yes! I have it in black. Though I wish I had gotten the polka dots… I might have to own both.

Would you recommend the Nina Robe by Yala? 

Ricci: I would, definitely. It’s light-weight, perfect for travel, and washes VERY well. The Nina is also gathered at the waist, making for a much more flattering fit. The bamboo is so, so soft – don’t be surprised if you fall asleep in it!




Staff pick: Our 1.5″ Wool Topper!

Time for our staff picks! We had the pleasure of asking our co-owner Heather a few questions about her favorite Earthsake product, the 1.5″ wool pad!

What is your favorite Earthsake product?

Heather G: The 1.5″ topper, definitely!

So comfy! Why is the 1.5″ topper your favorite?

HG: It’s the one piece that transforms your mattress. Whether you have an old or a new mattress, it’s the one item that can change your bed. 

Are you currently sleeping on it now?

HG: Yes! Funny story. My husband and I (Co-owner Eric) have the (Earthsake) Rhapsody mattress. We moved the mattress onto a specific set of wooden slats that firmed up the mattress quite a bit for us – we put the 1.5″ wool pad on the Rhapsody and it has been HEAVENLY. It was just the right amount of plushness that we needed!

That’s great! Would you recommend the 1.5″ wool pad? Why?

HG: Of course! I would recommend the wool pad for your overall health, healthy sleeping, for alignment, and most of all, for comfort! 


As some of you already know, our wool is organically and locally grown in Sonoma County. It’s naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites, making it perfect for any climate! Wool will also regulate your body temperature, lowering your blood pressure and keeping you from sweating at night. The 1.5″ wool pad in particular is awesome because it lays directly on top of the mattress, so it fits snuggly underneath your fitted sheet! 




I Love You, Momma.

“A man is a great thing upon the earth, and through eternity—but every jot of the greatness of man is unfolded out of woman,
First the man is shaped in the woman, he can then be shaped in himself.” – Unfolded Out of The Folds by Walt Whitman


To my Mother, a real hero –

At this point in my life, I never thought I would have needed you now more than ever. Aren’t I supposed to know everything, being in my mid-20s and a college graduate? The stresses and anxieties of the “adult world” would have eaten me alive if you weren’t by my side. The workforce, relationships, how to properly use the bake and broil functions on the oven –  you always lend an ear and never fail to give advice. Growing up, you single-handedly provided for our family, showing us what the mark of true strength and resilience in womanhood meant. You taught us to be proud of who we are and what we believe in, and to never give up. For such a bold and strong presence, you accomplish everything (and I mean everything) with beauty and grace. You have always been proud ‘for’ me, reminding me what I am capable of, and that I am the champion of all my successes. By always being proud for me, you show your endless, empowering support. You never fail to remind me how bright I shine, so this time it’s my turn to remind YOU, Mom.

Some say, with a slight jab, that we all eventually turn into our mothers. I say I could do a lot worse. I love you, Momma. Thank you.

– Ricci


To Mother’s everywhere, we here at Earthsake salute you! So celebrate the heroes in your life this Mother’s Day, whether it’s your mom, grandmother, the mother to your beautiful children, or your child who has now passed on the gift of life. We carry comfy pajamas, jewelry, natural lotions, cozy body wraps and delicious candles; all great ways to say Happy Mother’s Day!



Above: Our newest collection of Kobo candles is a great gift for the candle-loving moms in your life! Kobo candles are pure soy candles, and made of domestically grown sustainable soy beans. The fragrances are fresh and vibrant, including summery scents of fresh grass and hyacinth. Added bonus: these candles include a code that allows you to donate 50% of the proceeds to a charity of your choice!