Rose Gilley Jewelry!

At Earthsake, we’re very picky about the jewelry we chose to represent in our store. Each artist that we carry has a unique and individualistic style from the last – usually handcrafted pieces, and local to the Bay Area. We’re proud to start carrying a new line of jewelry from Rose Gilley, a designer from Sacramento. Each piece of Gilley’s designs are handcrafted, made from semi-precious and precious gemstones. Delicate and simple, they are versatile enough for everyday wear, or an evening of fun! Earthsake has brought in select pieces, most notable, various stackable rings. Made with a fine silver band, some have different colored gemstones, hooked with a 14kt gold filled wiring. These stackable rings are perfect for mixing and matching, and can fit on virtually any part of the finger (the base, below or above the knuckle, or both!). Great as little gifts for someone, or little treats for yourself!